MMA and BJJ in Chepstow and surrounding areas

MMA & No-Gi

MMA in Chepstow

This is a sport made famous by the UFC. It covers every range from stand up boxing and kicking through to throws, takedowns, grappling and submission wrestling.

No-gi grappling is a mixture of traditional styles such as ju Juitsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo, Greco Roman etc and emphasizing the sport of grappling without the heavy jackets of traditional ju jitsu which is more suited  for use in an MMA setting.. As they say most street fights if not over in the first few seconds usually end on the ground so its important to know these skills.

Taught by a world and British champions in stand-up striking and MMA with over 50 years of combined experience we work with many of the quality promotions in the UK to offer our gym members some of the best level seminars, competitions, and training opportunities.

MMS & No-Gi

Monday 8:15-9:15


MMA and BJJ in Chepstow