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Welcome to our Academy. We are a full time martial arts school and training facility based in Chepstow, South Wales that has been serving the local and wider community for over a decade.

 With a coaching team including world and British champions, security and corporate trainers, subject matter experts with trainers in fitness and strength and conditioning we have the knowledge to help you to become the best that you can be whatever your goals.

  The Academy boasts a fully equipped training area designed to help you get the most from your classes and includes a spacious fully matted area, heavy bags, and all the equipment needed to maximise learning. 

We also have a reception area where you can relax before class or watch your children enjoying the sessions.

Our timetable offers a range of open children's and adult classes six days a week to meet your busy schedules, and for those who want to meet specific goals or just prefer a more focused learning experience we offer 1-2-1 private tuition and small group sessions.

We work closely with local schools and play an active role in the local comprehensives alumni programmes, regularly offer support to other local community groups and run bi-annual charity events that have raised thousands for local good causes.

We do not insist you buy expensive equipment immediately, lock you into long-term contracts, or have hidden fees. As a community led business our pricing structure is designed to reflect that.

 Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned martial artist looking to progress Modern Samurai Martial Arts Academy is an ideal place to start or continue your Martial Arts journey. 

Open to all from 4 years and above.

Join our 6 week beginner's programme

Do you want to try martial arts but:

Don't know where to start.
Don't know if its right for you.
Don't want to sign up to a 12 month contract.
Don't want to feel foolish.
Don't feel confident enough to start.
Then our adult's 6 week beginners programme is designed with you in mind.
Throughout January you can try either kickboxing, Ladies kickboxing, or Modern Street Systems (Krav Maga) with a group of like-minded people who are all learning together for just £39.
Make new friends while learning great skills while hitting those fitness goals by embarking on a journey that could just change your life.

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Schools, community groups and businesses

Work with us to provide better education, health, and well-being for our communities.

Online safety and social media use
Martial arts, self defence, violence prevention and anti-bullying
Confidence building and life skills

Some of our 5 star reviews


Matt is an excellent instructor and this is a brilliant place to learn the art of martial arts. Really enjoyed joining this club and look forward to continuing to improve technique and fitness. The team of people there are really friendly and supportive. Would recommend 100% to anybody who is looking to start a new hobby or continue to develop their martial arts skills. Superb club!


I love this place, made some good friends, laughed a lot, sweated a whole lot more and learnt even more than that. Matt makes sure that classes and techniques are at the right level for each person training and encourages a really positive atmosphere where you feel like you can give anything a go. This is a wonderful place to learn martial arts, with all of the benefits that go with it. Modern Samurai is a welcoming and positive place and I thoroughly recommend it!



Excellent instruction. As a complete beginner, Matt is able to instruct me alongside the more experienced and I always feel supported. He clearly knows his stuff and teaches with real enthusiasm.


Having trained in many disciplines over the last 25 years I would have to say that this is the best tuition I have received.
I say this because I am biased towards self protection and realistic conflict and this is what Modern Samurai Martial arts excels in.
For those more interested in the competition/sport there is top notch kickboxing training on offer plus other competition based systems.
For those who want to learn how to defend themselves effectively I couldn't recommend a better place.

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