We are not just highly qualified in the martial arts but we also hold nationally recognised teaching qualifications, are fully insured, vetted through the CRB system and hold current fist aid at work and emergency first response certification. Our Dojo (training hall) is a full-time facility that specializes in martial arts and self defence tuition and as such boasts a safety conscious environment where the children can meet the challenge to achieve the next grade and work up to the coveted Black Belt.

The grading syllabus is designed to build foundation knowledge and technique while promoting self confidence through achievement. Every grade can only be taken when three stripes are earned. 2 are awarded by the club and 1 is awarded by the parents. These can be given at any time for positive behaviour or an outstanding achievement. From 4 yrs and above. 

Discounts for siblings.

First session free.

We are also very pleased to be the chosen self defence for schools provider for the charity Stand Against Violence which goes into schools and colleges and educates about violent behaviour and its consequences.

Mini-Samurai 4-6yrs
Mon 4:30-5:00
Wed 5:45-6:15
Thu 4:30-5:00
Sat 10:00-10.30 Note not during school summer holidays