Ladies kickboxing in Chepstow

6 week ladies only beginners course

Starting on Tuesday 7th June at 7pm.This is a class designed for beginners to work at their own pace with others who are just starting out. We have limited spaces buy you can join us by booking now.
Just £39.

Ladies Kickboxing

Learn the dynamic Martial Art of kickboxing in a safe, friendly and fun environment that can help you to achieve your goals and learn a valuable new skill. 

Our next 6 week beginner course starts on Tuesday June 7th from 7-8pm and costs only £39. 

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These sessions are dedicated to ladies. A great way to improve fitness, loose weight, improve flexibility and increase self confidence while keeping things in a comfortable ladies only social environment.

There is no need to get fit before trying ladies kickboxing, Ladies kickboxing can help you get very fit and is a great place to start your fitness journey.

Ladies kickboxing is suitable for all ages from 14+ and abilities.

Ladies Kickboxing
Tues 7:00 - 8:00
Ladies kickboxing in Chepstow