Owner and Chief Instructor.

Matt Stait started his martial arts training in the late 80's in amateur boxing. After years studying disciplines such as Karate, Kickboxing, Olympic Wrestling and MMA and taking part in many successful competitions he then moved into self protection where he found the Israeli systems of Krav Maga and Kapap.

Matt holds a 4th dan black belt in Kickboxing.

3rd dan in Modern Street Systems.

Level 2 Krav Maga instructor.

Level 1 Kapap instructor with the International Kapap Federation and the university of Tel Aviv under Lieutenant Colonel (res) Chaim Pe'er.

Level 1 Realistic Street Grappling instructor.

Assistant combat grappling instructor.

Certified Kickboxing instructor with the ASMAA (The All Styles Martial Arts Association).

A level 6 masters level self defence instructor and instructor assessor with the SDF (The Self Defence Federation).

KEWAP (knives and edged weapons awareness) Instructor.

Self Protection instructor.

Certified rape prevention instructor with SDF and ASMAA
Sportsword instructor.

Designer and lead instructor for the Stand against violence self defence schools programme.

PTLLS L3 (Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector).

DOCM L3 (Delivery of conflict management).

Physical Intervention and Restraint Tutor (HABC certified QCF level 3).

Area representative for the South West for ASMAA and SDF.

Director for Wales, Revolution tournaments

Matt also holds grades in other traditional martial arts.

World Champion, gold, silver and bronze medalist.
Inducted into the MAI black belt hall of fame.
Best selling author.

Matt has appeared on television and has been part of a short film that is being shown at cinemas nationwide. He has worked in the security industry for many years covering roles as diverse as being part of the close protection team for the Saudi royal family. Venue and personal security for bands and celebrities and pub and club security giving him an understanding and insight into real life applications of self defence.

Mike Scholes.
1st dan black belt Kickboxing
Level 1 instructor Kickboxing.

Harvey Scholes
Assistant instructor

Grace Cracknell
Assistant instructor ladies kickboxing.
Grace is a brown belt in kickboxing and assistant instructor and has also taught dance for many years.