Kids & Teens. Modern Samurai Martial Arts Academy: THe home of martial arts and self defence in Chepstow.

Samurai Kidz & Teens

Kids martial arts in Chepstow for 7-15 year olds.

We encourage the things a parent would want in their children such as physical health, happiness and the ability to make the most of the world around us.

Our classes are designed to teach more than just the physical skills of martial arts. Our aim is to build confidence, resilience, self-worth, goal-setting, social skills and a host of other necessary skills that our students can take with them throughout their life.
If you feel a little uneasy about "fighting" in the martial arts, don't worry. We concentrate on teaching self restraint and respect for others while learning valuable self defence skills should they ever need them while giving your child the skills to lead a confident life.

The classes are a great way for your child to exercise, meet other children, test the limits of their capabilities,  and learn valuable skills that will help them achieve whatever successes they set out to do.

Samurai Kidz 7-11 years
Phase 2

Our programme for this age group is based on a kickboxing syllabus which has a grading system they can work towards. There is also an introduction to our self-defence syllabus which is designed to be age appropriate.
It is designed to embed a well-rounded set of martial arts physical techniques and a strong mental attitude so they are ready to move towards the next level of training.

Samurai Teens 12-15yrs
Phase 3

Here we move into the next stage of development with the introduction of our 3 tier martial arts syllabus.
Tier 1: Based on a kickboxing programme while incorporating techniques and principles from more  traditional systems like Karate, Taekwondo, and Western Boxing.
Tier 2: The self defence element has been designed through years of study in various arts, working and training front line roles, and delivering anti-violence and anti-bullying workshops in schools nationwide for over a decade. The programme covers the many aspects that traditional and sporting variants often omit, but matter when it comes to dealing with life's bullies.

Tier 3: The weapons programme looks at a number of areas including nunchuku, bo staff, Escrima sticks, and Sportsword. The mix of traditional and contemporary training offers great benefits to the student both physically with hand eye coordination and mentally with perseverance and working through challenges. 

Family membership packages and sibling discounts are available.

Samurai Kidz

Monday 6.00-6.45 (mixed)
Tuesday 5.30-6.15
Wednesday 6.00-6.45 (mixed)



*Mixed classes are open to either age group.
Samurai Teens
6.00-6.45 (mixed)
6.00-6.45 (mixed)

Martial arts in Chepstow for 7-14 years