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Modern Street Systems

Effective, proven self defence in Chepstow

This is system based on the effective techniques of Krav Maga and Kapap (Israeli military systems) the SDF combat systems, Ju Jitsu combined with modern day combatives and the Filipino weapon arts of Escrima and Doces Pares. We also embed a thorough grounding in the law, use of force, physical intervention and conflict management.

 These were a set of skills forged through necessity in one of the most turbulent places on earth. The techniques are designed to be simple yet effective while being easy to learn and perform under stress.

This is not a "flashy" system and has no high kicks or sporting aspect, it is purely designed for the street and self defence. Law enforcement agencies and military units across the world have adopted this type of training because of its no nonsense highly practical approach to CQB.

What makes it modern is that it doesn't rely on tradition or doing things a certain way because "that's how it's always been done". This is an art that deals with the issues of today such as multiple attackers, muggings, abductions, weapons, street robbery and many other situations that occur in today's world.

If you are already training in a form of traditional martial art that sells itself as self defence ask yourself is it really giving you those skills? Do you practise scenario training. multiple attackers, surprise attacks, wearing different clothes, confined spaces such as sat in your car? What about the effects of adrenaline, how your body reacts under stress?

Are you really learning the skills you need to protect yourself?


Matt Started his training in Krav Maga and Kapap during the early days of the system in the UK. He went through several instructor courses including the IKF (International KAPAP Federation) instructor course under the founder Soke Chaim Peer and then Global head instructor Sensei Avi Nardia.

Eskrima-Doce Pares

We are one of the few official UK clubs representing the Pilipino styles of Cacoy Canete Doce Pares bringing empty hand and weapons training to the country. 

Ju Jitsu self defence

Matt graded to Masters level self defence instructor and instructor assessor with the SDF (Self Defence Federation) and graded to dan grades (black belt and above) in a number of styles under Master Dave Turton 10th dan, the highest graded self defence instructor in Europe. 


Matt spent many years working frontline roles as a door supervisor, close protection operative (bodyguard) and bailiff before moving into security management and consultancy. He spent over a decade delivering the training required to work in security, holds qualifications in advanced physical intervention, control & restraint, mechanical restraints, conflict management, legal use of force, and has written a best selling book about his time in security

Modern Street Systems
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Krav Maga and Kapap in Chepstow