Confident Kid: Skills for life


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Helping our kids and young adults to be armed with the knowledge to navigate life's often difficult choices is something we all want. However as our world changes so do the problems we face. Being unable to meet those challenges can mean we miss out on so many opportunities, and struggle in ways that can last a lifetime.

I deal with our youth almost daily from the martial arts classes that I run, through to the school workshops we provide, and even the students I teach as a university lecturer. Issus like confidence, being able to carry a conversation, speak in public, problem solve, protect ourselves on social media, create healthy boundaries are all skills that we should all learn, but are often overlooked through the traditional methods of teaching.

If your child is moving up a year, heading to another school, about to start their university journey, are home schooled, or struggle with any of the above, these are all things that will determine their future.

The Confident Kid: Safe skills for life programme is designed to address these shortcomings and create conversations and presentations that look to embed participants with the skills needed to be confident, safe, and happy, and go out into the world to achieve their full potential.  

Many years ago I was the kid that left school with nothing and had severe confidence issues. I was socially awkward, and back then had no one to tell me I could succeed. Over time I learnt the importance of positive peer groups, supportive role models, and creating a culture where anything is possible with a plan and hard work.
I started martial arts to help the younger me deal with some of these issues, and eventually learnt that life could and does hold more. Since then I have educated myself, represented my country, achieved world gold, silver, and bronze medals, written numerous books, run multiple businesses, become a public speaker, travelled, and co-organise some of the biggest martial arts events in the country.

As someone who grew up here it is important to me that I give something back to our communities, and look to share how we can look to talk about, discuss, and find ways to help ourselves and each other. 
This programme will cover:

  • Anti bullying
  • Online safety
  • Social media awareness
  • Confidence building
  • Personal safety
  • Managing peer pressure
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Building positive habits
  • Critical thinking
  • Healthy boundary setting
Over the course of the day each subject will be broken down into single workshops allowing for adequate breaks. There will be no food available so please make sure attendees bring lunch and a drink with them.

Unlock their potential and empower your child with the tools to be confident, safe, and happy.

The programme is designed and led by Matt Stait MSc, MCIM, MCIPR

  • Matt is a part-time University lecturer and is studying towards a PhD.
  • Author of multiple books and articles.
  • Multiple Blackbelt and school owner.
  • Public speaker.
  • World gold, silver, bronze medallist.
  • 2 x hall of fame inductee
  • Social media and marketing business consultant
  • Former corporate and security trainer.
  • Former bouncer, bodyguard, and operations manager for a security company.
  • Former lead instructor for a national charity who built their self defence for schools programmes.

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