Martial Movement for 50+ introductory course


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A six week introduction to the power of martial movement for 50 plus. 
Studies show that martial arts can aid functional fitness including strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility and balance while also offering benefits to cognitive function. 

As an instructor and coach in my 50's I understand the need to keep striving to improve and learn new things in a safe and responsible manner. We cannot reverse the aging process, but we can slow it down and meet it with new adventures, challenges, and things that excite us.

There is a reason why so many older people in other countries have embedded martial arts training into their daily life. It is great for keeping active, maintaining a social life, learning new skills, feeling younger and having fun. 

This course will take martial arts as its base and include elements of yoga, strengthening and rehabilitation movements to create an inclusive all body and mind workout that is accessible to almost everyone.
No previous knowledge is required and it is open to all fitness levels. 

The course will start on Wednesday 15th May and run for 6 weeks.
The classes will start at 11am and run for one hour.